As a business improvement association, the DVBA is working hard to create a positive environment for residents and visitors to enjoy every moment they are downtown and for investors to find our downtown as irresistible as do our visitors.

A number of programs have been created for local businesses to reinforce the appeal of our downtown.


Illuminate DowntownThe DVBA has grants available to downtown property and business owners who wish to better illuminate their buildings and properties. Grants of up to $5,000, to a maximum of 25% of the cost of approved work, are available for the installation of lighting which enhances the appearance of a building and/or better illuminates a property to improve security. The overall objective of this incentive program is to create a more appealing downtown, with an enhanced comfort level for all who visit, work, and live here.

Financial assistance is available to assist with the costs of: retaining professional services of lighting designers, lighting products, and their installation. Grants will be paid upon satisfactory completion of work and presentation of all receipts to the DVBA. All work must be completed within six months of your proposal being approved. To be eligible for a grant, a property or event must be located within the boundaries of the Downtown Victoria Business Improvement Area (click here for DVBA boundary map). The application for assistance must fully outline and illustrate the scope of work and the proposed lighting products. Unless circumstances warrant otherwise, more than one quote is required for proposed services or product. All work must receive necessary heritage and design approvals, as well as building permits from the City of Victoria.

While striving to enhance lighting levels, we will be working with BC Hydro to ensure “power-smart” solutions which minimize power consumption and any light spillage into the sky. Please contact us for more information on the Illuminate Downtown grant program.

Gull Grants

Gull ShieldA particularly memorable deluge of seagulls… and their corresponding droppings… during the spring and summer of 2011 led the DVBA to devise a program to work with property and business owners to help reduce the dramatic impact of nesting and young seagulls on our downtown. This grant continues to be offered, as one of the DVBA’s most popular programs, in an effort to outfit every property in the downtown core with seagull deterrents.

A grant of 50% of the cost of materials and hired labour, to a maximum of $350, is available to property owners who have installed any devices on the roof and roof lines of their downtown property that is designed to prevent the roosting or perching of seagulls. This grant program is only available to properties within the boundaries of the DVBA; however, we would be more than happy to share what we’ve learned about gull deterrents to any other interested property owners if you wish to give us a call!

To be eligible for a grant, a property or event must be located within the boundaries of the Downtown Victoria Business Improvement Area (click here for DVBA boundary map) and complete an application form. Applications must be approved before work is carried out. Please contact us for more information on the Gull Grant.

reCYCLISTS Program

reCYCLISTS is a bicycle-based compost and recycling program offering an environmentally friendly, pollutant-free collection service for downtown businesses. Because our downtown is compact, downtown businesses can be serviced with pedal power, and reCYCLISTS can provide our membership with compost and recycling pick up at sustainable rates.

reCYCLISTS provides two different services for businesses within the boundaries of the DVBA using a specially designed and distinctively branded pedal-powered tricycle piloted by members of the DVBA Clean Team.
Compost. Compost pick-ups at participating businesses are regularly scheduled monthly, weekly, or more frequently, pick-ups. Participating businesses are provided with a small counter top container and a large 48 litre container.
Recycling. reCYCLISTS also pick up a full range of recycling and harder-to-recycle materials on-demand. This is not a scheduled service as prices change depending on material being recycled. Find out how your business can recycle CFL tubes, Styrofoam, soft plastics, bicycle tires, and more in the price list below.

To register for compost pick up or to arrange for recycling pickup, call the reCYCLISTS at 250-386-2111 for more information or visit


Weekly pickup of one (1) 48L green bin $40/month
Twice Weekly pickup of one (1) 48L green bin $70/month
Every 2 week pickup of one (1) 48L green bin $25/month
Once every 4 week pickup of one (1) 48L green bin $15/month
‘Call-in’ pickup – 1-48L green bin $10 each
Styrofoam $6/bag (35″ x 50″ or equivalent)
Soft Plastics $6/bag (35″ x 50″ or equivalent)
Combination of Styrofoam & Soft Plastics $20/4 bags (35″ x 50″ or equivalent)
Cardboard & Mixed Paper $6/bag (35″ x 50″ or equivalent)
Foil-Lined Packaging $6/bag (35″ x 50″ or equivalent)
Gable-top Milk Cartons $6/bag (35″ x 50″ or equivalent)
Tetra-Packs $6/bag (35″ x 50″ or equivalent)
Glass/Metal/Hard Plastics $0.10/kg (Must be in bag or bucket)
Light Bulbs: CFL Tubes $0.75 each
Light Bulbs: Fluorescent Tubes $0.15/linear foot
Bicycle Tires $0.75/tire (includes one tube per tire)
E-Waste/Small Appliances $2.50/item
Used Cooking Oil $5/16L Container

INVEST Downtown

The DVBA has created a program for property owners to help support marketing of ground floor retail space. INVEST Downtown provides a 50% grant to property owners and managers to apply attractive and informative infographic static cling decals to the inside of vacant space to add colour and appeal, but also to provide some compelling facts and figures about Victoria and our downtown, as well as specific details of the block or street on which a space is located.

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